The Havelock Ski Club was formed at a public meeting held on 12 July 1966. Jeff Whittaker was elected the first President, Geoff Jones-Prichard the first Treasurer, and the late Barry Bowman the first Secretary, at the original public meeting and today there are still a number of foundation members active in the Club.

Work commenced on the construction of an A-frame Lodge in February 1967, with discussions between Jeff Whittaker (President) Len Hoogerbrug (Architect), and Geoff Treacher (Builder) as to the site and layout. The very first work party held on 4 February 1967 saw 176 sticks of gelignite used to blast two holes for what are now the septic tank and water tanks. The construction costs were kept to a minimum, by the willingness of so many members to attend work parties and assist the builder. The official Lodge opening was held on 1 July 1967 at Ruapehu and 12 July 1967 at Eardisley Hotel, Havelock North. The first season was deemed a success despite the poor snow conditions.


The Lodge is situated on the right hand side of the uphill section of the Loop Road at the Top O The Bruce. It is an A-frame building with easy access from the car park. The Lodge has 8 bedrooms upstairs, each with 4 bunk style beds, and storage space. It has a large kitchen/dining area downstairs, and a separate lounge room with Kent fire. There are separate shower/toilet facilities, a superb drying room and ski storage area in the entranceway.


Breakfast and dinner are included in the Lodge fees, during the winter months. Breakfast usually consists of a cooked breakfast, and cereal, fruit and toast are also available. Dinner is a two course roast-type meal, with desert to follow. Lunch can be made at the Lodge on an individual basis. The Lodge has all modern facilities such as thermo-wave ovens, microwave oven, dish steriliser, toasted sandwich maker. The laundry room is available only for the laundering of Lodge linen (such as teatowels, shower mats etc), and is not available for members personal use.