Welcome to the Havelock Ski Club 

Welcome as a new member to the Havelock Ski Club. You have chosen to join what we believe is one of the best clubs on the mountain. We often hear of a little jealously in respect of how we operate and the success of our club – something we are all proud of. The Havelock Ski Club has a ‘family’ focus with much of our effort going into maintaining this philosophy. After all, our younger members are our senior members of tomorrow. We now have 3rd generation family members fully participating in club life.

Being a member of a ski club involves communal living & working together for the good of the club with those present during your stay. We hope that you embrace your responsibilities and contribute your efforts for the good of the operation of the club during your stay. This leads to an easy atmosphere and a wonderful time for all.

We hope you enjoy your time as a club member.

A Brief History 

The Havelock Ski Club was established in 1964 by Jeff Whittaker and Len Hoogerbrug with stage one of the building being operational for the 1965 season. A second stage was added around 1970 with substantial alterations in 1986, double glazing added in 1990. Maintenance is undertaken on a regular basis to keep the club building in good condition.

The club was established with an underlying philosophy as a ‘Family Club’. This philosophy is still a driving point in the operation of the club with many of the events centred around participation of all age groups.

We maintain approximately 470 members which historically caters for almost all of the accommodation demands on the club throughout the ski season. The Club runs a number of dedicated events throughout the year that cater for the very young through to the more senior members. These are very popular events and require early booking if you would like to partake.


As a Club member, you will be allocated a unique key. This will get you into the outer door and storm lobby. The inner door is controlled by a digital lock. You will be provided with this code when you booking has been confirmed by the Booking Officer. As a senior member (over 18 as at 30 June of current year), you are entitled to use the club, even if by yourself. This has certain responsibilities which need to be taken very seriously.

Annual Subs: 

Subs must be paid prior to the commencement of the season. You will not be allowed to use the club if your annual subs remain unpaid.


The club web site is at Click here and is the fountain of all knowledge. You are encouraged to visit the web site regularly to find out what is going on in the club. Bookings, Newsletters, Committee, events etc.

Opening Up and Closing Down the Lodge: 

The mountain environment and intermittent use of the lodge, especially on the fringes of the winter season necessitates opening up and closing down the lodge building. If you are the first to arrive after a prolonged period of nobody using the Lodge or are the last to leave following which nobody will be using the Lodge then you will be responsible for the opening up and closing down Lodge building. This involves filling the water system on arrival and draining down the water system on departure. This is not onerous, but MUST be carried out carefully. The instructions are located in an obvious place. Please follow each instruction carefully if you are to open up or close down the Club. Failure to undertake this procedure correctly may result in burst water pipes. The lodge runs off a limited tank water supply & failure to adhere to closing/opening instructions may jeopardise this supply.

Administration of the Club: 

The Havelock Ski Club is governed by a dedicated Committee who oversees the administration and functioning of the club. You are encouraged to make contact with any of the executive to discuss any matters of concern.

Your first stay at the Club: 

More often than not there is a committee member staying at the Lodge. We will endeavour to shoulder tap you and take you on a guided tour of the lodge and show you all of the features of the lodge building, where things are located, access to various parts to the lodge and, especially the safety features of the lodge which are there for your protection. Please take the time to become familiar with this aspect of club membership as it will make your future stays at the lodge more relaxed.

Booking Procedures: 

Bookings: All bookings are made via the website which emails the bookings officer.  Payment is required before bookings can be confirmed. The Booking Officer will provide the current door code when your booking has been confirmed. We change the door code on a regular basis so you must confirm this with the Booking Officer prior to your departure. Remember that you will not be allowed to make a booking while your subs remain unpaid.


Catering: The club provides all food. You may be asked to carry some items that cannot be delivered to the mountain – please do so if you have room.
Accommodation rates include breakfast and dinner. Lunches are not included in the rates, unless ‘locked in’ the lodge by mountain conditions.
The club is a ‘3 star establishment’. We provide very good accommodation and we eat very well. If you want those ‘special items’ then you must bring them yourself.

Sleeping Arrangements: 

The club has 33 beds. There are eight bunkrooms of 4 and one single room – known as the custodian’s room. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate family units in one room but you must accept that this may not be possible. The club must fill beds where possible and others may be allocated bunks in your room.

What you should bring with you: 

·        Bedding: You must bring your own sleeping bag or duvet. One additional blanket per bed is provided. There are mattress covers on each bed which are laundered regularly. Pillows are provided but you must bring you own pillow slips.
·        Alcohol: You must bring your own alcohol that you wish to consume.
·        Special Dietary Needs or ‘extras’: You must bring your special dietary needs or those special items such as chips, nuts etc
·        Other: See the checklist later in this document.

Club Handbook: 

The Havelock Ski Club produces an Annual Handbook each year. This is published on the Web and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the contents. It contains all of the current years lodge charges, terms and conditions of bookings including cancelation policies. Please make yourself and your family familiar with the Handbook.


The success of the club relies on the ‘Duty Roster’. The Party Leader will allocate duties on a daily basis. Please ensure that you complete the allocated duty. As parents, please ensure that your children and/or guests also complete the duties allocated. The successful operation of the club relies on this. Cooking for 35 may appear to be a daunting task! It can also be a very social occasion with a glass or two of wine in the hand and also a chance to get to know the other members of the club.

The Club Building: 

Fire: For your safety the club is fitted with smoke and heat detectors throughout. These are surveyed on a monthly basis to ensure correct operation. We ask that you keep your car keys in a safe place at night such that if you have to leave the lodge during the evening, these can be readily located. You should also keep warm clothes and shoes or boots close by. You should also bring a torch with you. The Party Leader will remind you of the need for vigilance in respect of fire and fire safety during each of your stays at the lodge. Our ‘Assembly Area’ is located near to our main entry door. You will be reminded of this during your stay.

Heating the club is heated with electrical heating controlled by thermostats. There is also a fire in the Lounge area. The club is kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter season.

Lockers and Ski Racks: 

The club is fitted out with personal gear lockers and ski racks. From time to time these become available. You are encouraged to enquire about these with the treasurer who administers the lockers and ski racks. There is a nominal rental for these. Insurance of personal items stored in lockers or racks is your responsibility. The clubs insurances policies DO NOT cover personal items.

Personal Gear Insurance: 

Insurance of personal items stored in lockers or racks is your responsibility. The club’s insurance policies DO NOT cover personal items.

Your First Visit 

Your first visit to the club can be a little daunting! Please make yourself known to the Party Leader or any other of the members present. They will only be too happy to explain the sleeping arrangements and the Duty Roster. During your stay, please take the time to be shown around and start to understand all of the idiosyncrasies of the operation of the building. Remember, as a senior member, you are entitled to stay at the lodge by yourself and you will need to know how the building works.

Guardianship Policy 

The Havelock Ski Club operates a Guardianship Policy. If you choose to send your junior members (under 18 as at the 1 July of the current year) with a guardian, we ask that you notify the Booking Officer of this. You will be asked to complete a simple form which sets the boundaries that you expect as a parent so that there is no misunderstanding of all concerned. The Guardian and the Party Leader will be aware of what your expectations are.

Lodge Behaviour 

The Club is like a large home with a very relaxed atmosphere. The mountain environment can be extremely dangerous at times with severe weather patterns forming in a very short time. It is imperative that the Party Leader maintains control of members and guests both wishing to go outside and those visiting our Lodge. The Club has a policy that the Party Leader will have the final say in such circumstances and that their decision may override the parents or guardians.

Checklist: - What to bring with you! 

·        Sleeping Bag
·        Pillow Slip
·        Torch
·        Beverage Refreshments
·        Snack foods
·        Special Dietary needs
·        Wet weather gear
·        Your own clothes
·        Ski gear

The above has been set out as a guide for new members. Please do take the time to read and understand the Club philosophy and the rationale behind the operation of the club. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the executive who will be only too willing to help.

Work Parties 

During the summer period, the Club undertakes maintenance work on the Lodge. The Club relies on members volunteering their time to carry out his work. In return, bed nights are credited to your Lodge Account. If you would be interested in attending a work party, please advise a Committee member.